Yashas Acharya

ML Engineer | Software Developer | Data Analyst


Data Analytics Intern - Deloitte

(May 2022 - August 2022) - Abu Dhabi

•Visualized client data to provide meaningful insights through dashboards using Power BI, Tableau and Python (NumPy and Pandas).
• Summarized company data to generate performance reports using Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic.
• Trained junior interns on Visualization Fundamentals and Power BI.
• DSN Certified Analytics Software Developer, DSN Certified Python Analyst, DSN Design Thinking and Data Visualization Certified

Data Analytics Intern - Deloitte

(May 2021 - August 2021) - Abu Dhabi



Python, Pytorch, HuggingFace Transformers, BART, DeBERTa, GPT4

Developed a zero-shot classification model to identify appropriate points of contact in corporate settings, using a dataset inspired by employee training programs. Used BART and DeBERTa, refining prompts iteratively to enhance classification accuracy within complex corporate communication scenarios.


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